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Business as a Calling Symposium

An annual event sponsored by:

  • The University of Dayton School of Business Administration
  • The SBA's Center for the Integration of Faith and Work
  • The Jacob Program in Professional Ethics in the College of Arts and Sciences

At UD, we believe that a business career can be a calling, different from merely a series of jobs, and a deeper sense of purpose and a greater social awareness are fostered while at the same time creating a culture of business integrity.

The speaker for the November 2011 event was:

R.J. Heckman, Ph.D.
President and CEO – PDI Ninth House

HeckmanA young and energetic speaker, Dr. Heckman shared how his company identifies and trains leaders to close the gap between their current skills and the needs of their organization. He believes that “better leaders create a better world”. PDI Ninth House has clients across the globe and maintains offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and North America – take a look:

All students, faculty and community members are welcome to attend this event, traditionally held in Kennedy Union Ballroom.

You’ll want to join us next year because:

  • Students get credit - Be sure to dress in your most professional business attire and receive a form at the end of the event to turn in to your professor for class credit.
  • Job hunting opportunity - If you’re job hunting (as a student or community member), the speaker’s company may be hiring – and now you’ve learned some great information needed to perform well in an interview.
  • Faculty connections – wouldn’t you like to meet some local community business-people who are interested in the idea of Business as a Calling? Perhaps these new friends would come to speak in your class or provide current examples to strengthen your curriculum.
  • Local business connections – perhaps a future vendor to your company or potential marketing partner attends this event? How nice to begin a business relationship with people who share your same values.
  • Gather ideas to use in your own organization – the speakers selected for this series are top notch. You may learn a new approach from a global organization that you can take back and apply in your business that helps solve a problem or develop a new opportunity.