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Welcome to the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work.

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and criminal justice, as well as minors in sociology, anthropology, social work and criminal justice. The minors are designed to fit well with the two majors in the department or be combined with any other major in the College. We are a faculty of twelve sociologists, two social workers, an anthropologist, and a community coordinator that runs the internship program. The department has a teaching-learning focus on the local community. Students are encouraged to use the local community as a site for examining various issues, problems and concepts studied in class. Students majoring in Sociology have the opportunity to conduct their own research as part of their Senior Project capstone experience. Many juniors and seniors are placed in local agencies and organizations for internships that provide useful, firsthand experiences.

Explore the human experience.

Sociology is concerned with the scientific study of human behavior in groups. Since a group consists of two or more communicating people, the subject matter of sociology ranges from the briefest of two person interactions to the most enduring features of culture and world civilizations. The unique insight of sociology is that we are what we are largely because of our social experience with others as those experiences are shaped by our cultural settings. Sociologists use various methodological and statistical techniques to study, describe and explain human behavior in different social settings.

Anthropology is the study of people at all times and places. It emphasizes understanding total cultural systems. The department sees understanding anthropology as vital to understanding society. Although we do not offer a major in anthropology, a variety of courses in anthropology are offered. A sociology major can elect to concentrate in anthropology and can go on to graduate school to become an anthropologist.

Social Work is the profession of helping individuals, families, groups or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to that goal. The department offers courses focusing on families and individuals as well as policy-influencing or comparative approaches to large-scale social change. Although no degree is available in social work, many students combine the major in social work with a major in the department. Our focus on community and the ability to place students in a variety of social work relevant experiences helps to lay a strong foundation for a future career in social work and admission to programs for a Master in Social Work.

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at UD

The Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology is a general academic degree in sociology. Curriculum in the department addresses issues at both the macro-structural level as well as the micro-interactional level, such as immigration, family, and deviance

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What do sociology majors do after graduation?

Our majors and prospective majors frequently ask the faculty in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at the University of Dayton about career options. A degree in sociology provides a strong liberal arts education. It provides valuable preparation for a broad variety of careers. A look at the jobs held by our alumni gives a flavor for how diverse these careers are.

To be a professional sociologist, anthropologist or social worker requires graduate training. Many of our majors choose this path. We take pride in the fact that former students have been accepted at the very best graduate and law programs in the country. Some have even chosen the path to medical school.

While majors find study of the social sciences fascinating and good preparation for many of life's challenges, most decide not to pursue graduate education. What then do they do? We recently sorted through surveys of former graduates and noted the jobs our majors currently hold. We found that they do almost everything you can imagine. Some have entered religious life, decided on careers as writers or artists, or chosen a career in government or the military. The largest share, however, work in a range of jobs within one of four general areas:

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice and Law
  • Education
  • Social Services, Health Care and Government
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Enhance your college experience.

Sociology majors and minors, and students minoring in Anthropology and Social Work can choose from several curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance their learning experience.

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Meet our faculty and staff.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Sociology invite you to meet us and find out what we have to offer.

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Learn from our research.

The intellectual power and creative vitality of the College of Arts and Sciences reside in our faculty. While students lie at the center of the College’s attention, the work of the College’s faculty makes possible the distinctive education in the liberal arts and sciences that our graduates attain. All of the College’s achievements and aspirations spring in some way from faculty members’ creativity, talent, and dedication in scholarship, teaching, and professional service.

Our minors add dimension to any major.

In addition to minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, the department offers the minor in Anthropology and the minor in Social Work. Students of any major find that one of our minors can complement their chosen course of study, regardless of discipline. These minors provide a well-rounded learning experience and can help to prepare our graduates for application to graduate programs, law school and medical school.

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