Special interest housing for the SEE Initiative.

The SEE Initiative currently supports four special interest houses in the student neighborhood for students who are interested in living more sustainability and who are committed to building and being in community together in the student neighborhood. These "Green Living" communities provide a chance for the residents to live out their values and to educate other students about the importance of conserving energy, reducing waste and living sustainability.

How to apply

To apply to live in one of these houses, please fill out the application at right and return it to Katie Schoenenberger or Kelly Bohrer by Friday, December 7, 2012. This is the deadline for applications to the SEE House Advisors. Accepted houses will then submit group Special Interest Housing Applications to Residence Life. The Residence Life deadline will be during the first week in February.

Send completed applications to:

Katie Schoenenberger
SC 179
Email Katie >>


Kelly Bohrer
LH 107B
Email Kelly >>