St Joseph Hall

Core Faculty in the MPA Program

Michelle Pautz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Program Director

Joshua Ambrosius, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Richard Ferguson, M.A., Director of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Richard Ghere, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Nancy Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Grant Neeley, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Interim Chair, Department of Political Science; Director of Graduate Academic Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences

Steve Neiheisel, Ph.D., Lecturer; Director of the Non-Profit & Community Leadership Graduate Certificate Program

Richard Ferguson, Director, Fitz Center

Raymond Fitz S.M., Ph.D., Ferree Professor of Social Justice

John Gower, City of Dayton Planning Director

Don Vermillion, M.P.A., Director of Public Projects, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

Department Staff & Graduate Assistants

Jean Poindexter, Administrative Support Staff

Jennifer McManus-Kirk, Administrative Support Staff

Amanda Dahlman, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Youssef Farhat, Graduate Teaching Assistant

William Steele, Graduate Teaching Assistant