Miami Valley Hospital Observation

University of Dayton juniors have the opportunity to shadow physicians in three different departments at Miami Valley Hospital. Currently students visit Endoscopy, Interventional Radiology and Heart and Vascular Procedures. Orientation visits will be available prior to your observation dates.

You will need the following documents in order to participate in the MVH experience. The first three must be completed and returned to Dr. Julie Simon. When you return the documents, you will be able to sign up for your observation times. All documents are available from the links at right.

  1. UD Student Health and Liability Form: Flu shots will be required between October 1 and March 1. They are available beginning in late August and early September. You are also required to have a recent (within 1 year) TB test. Contact the Health Center (link at right) to schedule a flu shot or a TB test or to check your immunization record.
  2. UD Student Observation Agreement Waiver of Liability
  3. GDAHA Nursing Student and Instructor Clinical Passport: Complete and return the quiz on the last page.
  4. Professional Attire: Please read this for information on appropriate clothing.  Most importantly: no short pants and no open toed shoes.
  5. UD Student Observation Agreement: This one is for your records only. You do not need to bring it back.