Reserving the Science Center Auditorium (SC 114)

The Science Center Auditorium is a 110 seat facility. The Prefunction Space (reception area) is located outside the auditorium. Tables and chairs, located in the SC 118 prep room, are available to groups using the Science Center Auditorium and the Prefunction Space: One 8.5 ft. table for panel discussions (folds in half lengthwise), six office chairs (with wheels), one 6 ft. folding table, two 5 ft. folding tables, six folding chairs.

Important Points: Reservation Times
  • In scheduling your reservation times, setup time and cleanup time must be included in the reservation start and end time. The reservation time must include any setup and take down times for tables in the Prefunction Space.
  • The auditorium and prefunction space must be returned to their original condition by the end of the reserved time.
  • If catering is being used, all catering items must be removed by the end of the reserved time span.
Important Issues of Responsibility: Accepting Room Access
  • The Science Center Auditorium is secured through use of a toggle card. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the reservation to arrange pick up of the toggle card to gain access to the Science Center Auditorium.
  • The responsible person or persons for the event must ensure that the auditorium is locked down at any time the auditorium is unoccupied and at the end of the event.
  • The toggle card will open and close the southwest exterior doors to the Science Center (in case of entry after hours) and will open and close the entrance to the Science Center Auditorium.
  • The toggle card is available through the Premedical Programs Office, SC 375.
Other Important Information:

Contact the Premedical Programs Office at 937-229-3545.
Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

  • Please call the office prior to picking up the card. There may be times when no one is available in the office. The toggle card may be obtained within a few days of the reservation.
  • The toggle card must be returned to the Premedical Programs Office as soon as possible after the event. If the card is lost, there will be a $10 lost card fee.
  • The locked podium requires a combination code to gain access to the laptop computer. The code may be requested from Classroom Support (937-229-2118) or when the toggle card is picked up at the Premedical Programs Office.
  • If the event is being scheduled for a student organization, the person submitting the reservation must be faculty or staff. A member of the faculty or staff member must accept responsibility for the event and be in attendance during the entire event.
  • No food or drinks are permitted inside the auditorium, but may be served in the Prefunction Space outside the auditorium.
  • Technical support must be arranged through UDit Classroom Support at 937-229-3888.
  • If there are issues with door access, please contact the Help Desk at 229-3888.

Reserving with Ad Astra

To make a reservation for the Science Center Auditorium, click on the link to Ad Asra Room Scheduling below. A calendar of reservations is available at the Calendar tab. Change the “Filter” drop-down box from Registrar-View (default) to Science Center Aud – 114.”  SC 114 is the Auditorium and SC 114B is the Prefunction Space (capacity is the same as the auditorium: 108).
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