Learning from our experiences.

What are our students saying about Statehouse Civic Scholars?

Robert Taft

Former Governor of the State of Ohio"It's an amazing opportunity I wish I had in college. UD's Statehouse Civic Scholars get to work side by side with Ohio's state leaders, honing their communication skills, exploring career paths and building relationships that will last a lifetime."

Evelyn Lundberg Stratton

Justice, The Supreme Court of Ohio"Although we usually only take law student externs, I agreed to try a UD college extern, and am I ever glad I did. She was able to take some projects, run with them and enhance them beyond what I expected."

Eileen Austria

UD alumna, Statehouse Internship Coordinator"We take talented and passionate UD students and open doors for them in state government.  We connect the classroom to the statehouse in Columbus and provide a fantastic, learning experience for our future public servants in Ohio. Networking with alumni and friends of the University makes this a one of a kind experience!"

Tiffany Freeman

2012 Statehouse Civic Scholar, Master of Public Administration Student"I am a second year grad student and was placed in the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation. My biggest highlight from the office was dealing with the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act and the impact that had on the office. I loved working with such intelligent and experienced individuals who really worked hard to provide a great experience."

Emily Kaylor

2012 Statehouse Civic Scholar"I had an amazing experience working on the fall ballot initiatives, Governor's monthly reports, and the hiring control process for state agencies. I got to go on site visits to places like the Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility and mental health facilities. I even got to sit in on the meeting of the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors. It was also fun to have my co-workers invite me out to dinners and events and get to know them in more casual settings. I even got an office with a great view on the 34th floor! Outside of work it was great to get close to UD students of all ages and enjoy nights out in the city and Bexley."

Emily Bright

2012 Statehouse Civic Scholar"I couldn't have asked for a better internship experience working at the office of Secretary of State Husted. Every day I was doing real work and have been able to use the knowledge I've gained about the election process to help my friends and family better understand it and participate. I was continually impressed with the skill and dedication of every person in the office to a simple and fair elections process."

Eric Petro

2012 Statehouse Civic Scholar"There are so many positive things I can list about my experiences in Columbus, but the best part was being able to stay on Rep. Jim Butler's staff and work with his successful campaign even after the internship ended."

Andy Kurzhals

2012 Statehouse Civic Scholar"Working at the Statehouse taught me a great deal about politics and the legislative system. I think often times people focus all their attention on the federal level, and forget that their state legislators are making crucial decisions at the state level. Being able to witness the process through which such important decisions are passed by the House and Senate, really made me feel like I was witnessing and participating in a piece of history."