Writes and Rights?

As Amnesty International points out, "Words can change lives."  Writing stories, letters, blogs, or poems in support of those who may not have a voice can make all the difference.  At a basic level, writing may simply strive to advocate or communicate a point. When done thoughtfully, writing may rise above simple communication and become a lasting testimony, an artistic expression, a powerful tool to move many to reconsider their view of the world.  

Amnesty International: Write for Rights

This website from Amnesty International provides a platform for taking a pledge to "speak out" and write letters. "When we act together, we are stronger. Let's speak out to make sure that prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders, and individuals and communities at risk are not forgotten. By taking action right now, you stand in solidarity with people the world over in support human rights and bring a little light into the world ... Nothing compares to picking up a pen and writing a physical letter. That's why we do it."

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