Get involved. Make a difference.

Below is a highlighted list of popular service programs and clubs for anyone with an interest in making a difference in those whose human rights have been marginalized, eroded or suppressed. There are plenty of other ways to get involved, through the Center for Social Concern, the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, and Service Learning at UD. In addition, many academic departments and programs offer courses that have a service-learning component.

Determined to Develop

A group of passionate UD students united in a common cause: to do whatever it takes to help those who live in poverty and promote development and prosperity in Malawi, Africa. More >>


Students in technical fields such as engineering committed to promoting awareness and development of appropriate technologies, both on the local and global scale. “Ethos” stands for “ENGINEERS IN TECHNICAL, HUMANITARIAN OPPORTUNITIES OF SERVICE-LEARNING.” More >>

Human Rights Week

Engaging students, faculty and community members in dialogues and activities which define and expose violations of human rights. Individuals and organizations hold events and seminars committed to raising awareness and providing opportunities to defend human rights, with the aim to incorporate both theoretical and practical approaches to human rights. More >>

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Nationwide, communities acknowledge a national crisis: hunger and homelessness. The week consist of a number of events dedicated to aiding those facing this problem. More >>

Invisible Children

Invisible Children works to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war in Central-East Africa and restore peace in the region. More >>

New Abolitionist Movement

Dedicated to the elimination of human trafficking, the modern day permutation of slavery. We strive to implement our foundational concepts – passion, dedication, awareness, and action – in community presentations, fundraising events, lobbying efforts, and victim assistance. More >>

REAL Dayton

A service learning experience during fall break involving alternative breakouts, immersions and retreats. Projects vary and are based on the needs of our community at the time. They include serving lunch, sorting food and clothing, assisting at festivals, working in gardens, painting, etc. More >>

Semester of Service

A unique opportunity for undergraduate students of any major to take a semester away from classes and serve full-time in non-profit centers. Students gain new skills, insight into social justice issues, and earn a stipend - all while continuing their UD education. More >>

Service Saturdays

Make a difference in the local community while engaging with Dayton neighbors and other UD students. Reflect on the positive difference you make in the world. These one-day activities range from serving lunches at area shelters to building a house, from cleaning up local parks to sorting clothes at various clothing centers. More >>