Community-Based Service Learning

Service learning initiatives in the Fitz Center connect over 500 UD students a year with the Dayton community.  Our special focus is on our partnership with Dayton’s Neighborhood School Centers.  We develop and promote a wide range of UD student volunteer and academic projects to benefit the students and families of the NSCs and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Fitz Center’s close ties with neighborhoods, schools and service providers lead to many opportunities for University of Dayton students and faculty to become active participants in service that broadens education. When the community identifies an opportunity or need, Fitz Center staff provide a range of services to help turn requests into projects that complement the UD curriculum. Ideal projects not only yield an impact on the community, but also lead both campus and community partners to develop new skills and a better understanding of urban and social justice issues. With Marianist financial support for service learning, the Fitz Center develops and manages several dozen service learning projects each year, enabling students and faculty to work and learn with community partners, reflect on the experiences and integrate theory with practice.

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