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Student Organizations for Criminal Justice Students

Our student organizations provide the opportunity for networking, service and personal growth.

Omega Phi Delta

The Criminal Justice Studies Program at the University of Dayton offers its majors an opportunity to expand learning beyond the classroom by joining Omega Phi Delta, the criminal justice student/professional association. Listed below are some key aspects of the organization.

  • Employment representatives are invited to speak to students on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Members are actively involved in community, regional and national criminal justice events, such as the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and others.
  • The organization hosts several athletic and social events throughout the academic year.
  • Omega Phi Delta was recently recognized as the "top student organization on campus."

Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma

This student organization is the University of Dayton chapter of the national criminal justice honor society. Students are admitted based on academic performance. The following facts about Alpha Phi Sigma make the organization a real asset for the student.

  • The organization was recognized for two years as the "top student organization on campus."
  • Members have the opportunity to assess the criminal justice faculty and classes each term.
  • The organization sponsors community, social and guest speaker events.
  • A number of federal government agencies will place APS members one pay grade above entry level upon hiring.