Study Abroad in London

Summer 2016

London is a center of international commerce, politics and culture set in a charming historical atmosphere. It is an ideal city in which to study communication. Not only is London the heart of Britain’s communication industries, but it is also a major European and global crossroads for mass media, public relations,advertising and theater. The London Communication program is a dynamic, engaging learning experience aimed to immerse students in British communication and culture. The program helps students develop a global perspective through coursework, guest speakers, site visits and field trips. It is aimed at students who want to apply themselves to the study of communication in the British context.

The program is primarily targeted toward communication majors, but will likely also serve international studies majors and international business majors. All communication concentrations and all majors will find the program relevant, valuable,and interesting. Program-related accommodations and travel are arranged within England.

Students in London


Each student must take CMS 316 (COM 630 for graduate students) and select either CMM 421 or CMM 469 (COM 517 or COM 562 for graduate students). Students are encouraged to work with the Dean's office and academic advisor to ensure how courses taken will count toward their major/minor, etc. The Site Coordinator is Dr. Anna Langhorne of the Department of Communication. Contact Dr. Langhorne from the link below.

  • CMS 316/COM 630: Intercultural Communication for the American in Britain (3 semester hours)
  • CMM 421/COM 517: Organizational Communication (3 semester hours) 
  • CMM 469/COM 562: International Public Relations (3 semester hours)

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