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Internship Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are required for all Department of Communication Internships.

  • Communication major
  • Sophomore standing or above
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in communication
  • Successful completion of communication modules: CMM 110, CMM 111 or CMM 112, CMM 113
  • Successful completion of CMM 201, CMM 202 & CMM 330
  • Approval of Department of Communication Internship Coordinator

To earn academic credit for internships through Communication Internship, CMM 498, students must be a communication major of at least sophomore standing. That means you have successfully earned a minimum of 30 college credits.

Your grade point average in communication courses must be at least a 3.0 point. Your degree audit shows your GPA overall and GPA in your major. Your degree audit is available through the Porches portal.

You must have completed and passed all communication core courses, which are listed above. Most communication majors have completed these courses by the end of their sophomore year. If you are shy one course and still want to enroll in CMM 498, discuss your situation with the Department of Communication Internship Coordinator.

Finally, Before registering for CMM 498, you must meet with the Internship Coordinator during the regular academic year or “chat” by e-mail during summers. We will discuss your eligibility to take CMM 498, whether your internship position qualifies for academic credit, the company or organization’s mission and internship job requirements, and your own goals for the internship.

Contact the Internship Coordinator as early as possible if you are interested in academic credit. It is best that you prepare for both the course and the internship before you begin work. Deadlines for preliminary course materials are listed in the CMM 498 Course Checklist, as well as in other course documents.


An exception to the class-standing requirement might be considered if you have  previous work experience, demonstrated academic capability, and a strong recommendation by communication faculty member. An exception to the course-completion requirements might be considered if you are missing only course, are currently enrolled in that course, and have demonstrated academic capability and/or successful work experience. 

Registration & Credit Hours

The Department of Communication Internship Coordinator must approve the internship and you must begin the preliminary course documents (Internship Learning Agreement and educational objectives) before you can register for Communication Internship, CMM 498. The online course registration might list CMM 498 as full, but it is never full. The full designation by the Registrar’s Office ensures that you take the required steps to register for the course, which, in turn, enhances your chances for successful completion of the course.

You may register for one, two or three academic credits for a qualifying internship. Additional credit might be earned for a different qualifying internship or for continued work in the same organization if responsibilities are enhanced or changed. Students can earn only a total of six credits in CMM 498 and/or Independent Study, CMM 390, that can apply to the communication major degree requirements. See the UD Catalog for further information.

Students must be registered for CMM 498 at the time of the internship to earn academic credit for it. Academic credit is never awarded retroactively.


UD charges tuition for CMM 498 at the time the course is taken, like any other university course. Tuition cannot be deferred to another semester, according to Department of Communication and UD policy. For information about tuition, contact the Registrar’s Office.