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Welcome to the Arts Series

For over 50 years the University Arts Series has been presenting great performances to campus and community audiences.

Hundreds of exceptional artists from around the world have presented at the University of Dayton since 1961, each one helping us to better understand the joys and challenges of being human. Sometimes, the answer is to remind us of the importance of beauty and laughter: the purity of the Kronos Quartet (1991), and the sly humor of the mime Marcel Marceau (1973) celebrate humanity’s creative spirit. On the other hand, art is sometimes forged from difficult life experiences. Our campus has been riveted by human rights advocates and singers such as Jean Paul Samputu, a Rwandan genocide survivor (2007), and South African activist Miriam Makeba (1969).

This year we'll again present a range of arts experiences both exhilarating and challenging. From exploring the history of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, to hearing works - some classical, some from world music traditions - that literally challenge us, the audience, to engage in that question: "What makes us human?"

The Arts Series is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Garth Knox photo (at left) by Dániel Vass, ECM Records.

Exceptional arts programming since 1961.

Established by a committee of faculty and staff in the fall of 1961, the University of Dayton Arts Series was ambitious from the start. Marian Anderson, who in 1955 was the first African-American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, was one of the first featured artists. Admission was just a dollar when she performed at the UD Fieldhouse.

Since that inaugural season, the Arts Series has continued to offer exceptional performances. Here in Dayton, the campus has hosted such notables as Miriam Makeba, Van Cliburn, the Kronos Quartet and Ronald K Brown/Evidence. It's a range of artists that reflects the diversity of experiences we believe is important for "educating the whole person."

Supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Art Series is looking forward to building audiences for its next half century of history.


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