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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the four-year tuition plan?

The University of Dayton's innovative tuition plan for incoming, full-time (12 to 18 credit hours per semester) undergraduate students includes scholarships that increase in value each year to cover tuition increases, and there are no additional fees that will surprise your family when you receive your bill. Simply stated, what you pay as a first-year student is what you will pay as a senior; your net tuition cost never increases during your four-year UD education.

In addition, the University of Dayton offers up to $4,000 in textbooks to students who attend a campus visit and submit the FAFSA, so families have peace of mind and know exactly how to plan for a successful future.

Our transparent model benefits families of returning students, too, as there are no additional fees or surcharges for things like courses, labs, orientation, etc. Returning students should contact Flyers First with questions regarding their financial aid award.

What are the benefits of the University of Dayton's tuition plan?

In addition to providing peace of mind when it comes to cost, this model serves as a four-year graduation plan that is transparent and eliminates all additional fees (which are often hidden costs). It allows your family to financially plan for your entire UD education with no surprises when seeing the bill.

When will I receive my tuition plan?

After a close review of your academic credentials and your family's financial circumstance, the office of admission and financial aid will create your personalized four-year financial aid prospectus. This prospectus will include your four-year graduation plan, which shows the net tuition cost for the next four years, along with your detailed financial aid award. This prospectus will be mailed to you in late March.

Are there additional fees?

No. The University has eliminated all additional fees, surcharges and hidden expenses (including course fees, orientation fees, lab fees, graduation fees, etc.).

How many credit hours can students take under the tuition plan?

As part of your tuition, you can take a total of 140 semester hours over eight semesters. Working closely with your academic adviser, you may graduate with a major and a minor — or even a double major.

How does the tuition plan work if I plan to co-op?

The tuition plan is valid for eight semesters of full-time academic study. The plan is placed on hold during co-op terms and will resume once you have returned to classes.

What if changes occur to my family's financial situation?

Special circumstances are always considered, and our admission and financial aid staff will work with your family individually.

How do I remain eligible for the tuition plan?

Simply file the FAFSA each year, meet academic requirements as a full-time student (12-18 credit hours per semester) and be a responsible member of the University of Dayton community.