We are curious. We ask big questions. We ask scholarly questions.  Sometimes we ask offbeat questions. What happens when we give our faculty 90 seconds to ask, and answer, an intriguing question?

Adams Can We Use the Power of Play to Educate an Innovative Workforce?
Shauna Adams, Ed.D.
Young children are like scientists. Their purpose in life is to make sense of their world. Discover how play can be a powerful learning tool.
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Eylon What Got the Wright Brothers Off the Ground?
Daniel Eylon, Ph.D.
The Wright Brothers needed a lightweight engine to power their first flight. Several innovations in the late 1800s came together to give them the answer.
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Gorman How I Ruined "Pass The Pigs" for My Kids
Michael Gorman, Ph.D.
Games of "chance" are easier than you might expect -- with a little statistical thinking.
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Hallinan Is Sustainability Only for "Greenies?"
Kevin Hallinan, Ph.D.
We know sustainability is good for the environment. But how does it impact the rest of our lives?
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Moore How Can We Train Lay People to be Spiritual Leaders in Catholic Education?
Toni Moore, Ph.D.
Have faith in our Catholic schools.
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Murray Can You Lift the Empire State Building with the Weight of a Notebook?
Drew Murray, Ph.D.
Simple machines can ease complex tasks. Learn just what it would take to raise the Empire State Building.
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Poitras If You Burn a Dollar, Is Society Poorer?
Marc Poitras, Ph.D.
The Joker did a public service when he burned a pile of cash. Learn how taking a dollar out of circulation makes our money more valuable.
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Ritterhoff What If Our Knees Bent the Other Way?
Kimberly Ritterhoff
Our body parts work together. Changing the direction our knees bend could result in some very odd adaptations.
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Trollinger Was Christopher Columbus a Genius or Was He Just Lucky?
Bill Trollinger, Ph.D.
The truth about Columbus and why the story we learned in grade school falls a little flat.
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