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The University of Dayton has a tradition of including adult learners in its community. Adult learners can strengthen skills and expand horizons beyond the classroom.In the 1920s, UD turned on the lights at night and began an evening college which made university-level education available to area residents who worked during the day. Returning veterans of World War II  -- and later, Korea and Vietnam -- matured the student body and added unique learning experiences to the classroom environment. In 1952, free audit tuition for persons 60 and over made UD a pioneer in intergenerational learning.  Today, that program is called Senior Fellows and it's been joined by a summer Elderhostel program, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UD (UDLLI) and the New Horizons Band. In 1960, graduate studies, which had been abandoned during World War II, were reinstituted.

Today, UD continues this tradition with graduate and undergraduate courses available, along with short-term learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, teleconferences, and forums. In addition, there is a wealth of resources for independent learning:  the university's libraries, plays, concerts, recitals, gallery exhibits, lectures, etc.  Pick what interests you.

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Not everyone can be or wants to be the traditional undergraduate or graduate student. Sometimes you may want to only take a class or two to test the waters. Or maybe you're looking to complete a degree part-time. Perhaps you'd just like to take an art history course because, well, you love art. Within these programs, you can find flexible, affordable ways to take classes without enrolling in traditional degree programs.

Mini Course Program

Mini Course Program courses are special, short-term, interdisciplinary credit courses developed by University faculty, (or sometimes by students with the advice and consent of a faculty member), to meet specific, highly current needs or interests not covered in the regular curricula. They are free of charge to all full-time students, even if the course puts them over the full-time limit, and are open to part-time and non-UD students for credit or audit.

The typical minicourse carries one semester hour of credit, or fifteen class hours. Classes can be in various sequences, extending over several weeks or concentrated within a few days. Some minicourses take the form of workshops. Occurring at various times in the year, minicourses are publicized throughout campus. They can be added to students' schedules during the term.

Noncredit Offerings

Special Programs and Continuing Education offers noncredit activities that include workshops, conferences, teleconferences and courses. Many courses are designed for the enhancement of profession-specific knowledge and skills. Others are designed for those seeking an educational goal for more personal motivation. In-depth, skill-building courses teach practical skills in a relaxed learning environment.

Senior Programs

Senior programs at UD are a terrific opportunity to continue traveling the path of the lifelong learner. For senior students, Continuing Education at the University of Dayton coordinates several programs that are designed especially to enrich course study for adult learners.

Educational Travel

What could be more enjoyable than combining an educational experience with travel to some of the world's most beautiful, romantic, and historic sites? Add the personal touch that experienced, knowledgeable, and bilingual UD faculty lend and it becomes a cultural feast for the eyes, ears, and palate. Vienna, AustriaIt's no wonder past participants eagerly go back for seconds, thirds, and more!Programs abroad designed for adults have been sponsored by the University of Dayton since 1983 when two faculty from the Departments of Foreign Languages and Music collaborated to design and host a trip to Vienna. That program continues with one of the original hosts, German Professor Edward Hatch, and is now known as Encore Vienna. In 2001 Professor Andria Chiodo (Languages) and Dr. Eric Street (Music) used Encore Vienna as a model to create Encore Italy, which they have since offered three additional times. Dr. Francisco Peñas-Bermejo (Languages) has also offered a similar program called Experience Spain.

Our programs abroad are an extension of the vast learning opportunities the University offers adult learners through its Continuing Education programs. Learning about foreign cultures is just one of these opportunities, and there is no substitute for traveling with UD faculty, many of whom have lived and worked abroad and have academic expertise pertinent to the sites. Small groups provide participants and program hosts the opportunity for a shared learning experience. In addition, the programs provide participants ample time to explore their individual interests and to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere.

Duane W. Chapman Senior Symposium


There are more of us entering our 50s and 60s – the second half of our lives – in the 21st century than ever before. Few in the American culture honor elders the way other world cultures do, which could make it difficult to prepare for our journey of aging. This symposium – Engaging Aging – has set out to establish a new standard for those who fear the second half of life offers only decline, disease, despair and eventually death. To this end, our 2013 Duane W. Chapman Symposium offers sessions to help us all reframe what it means to engage in the aging practice and learn vital practices to start this journey.

Learn more about the 2013 Chapman Symposium >>

Addressing trends and research in gerontology, this biennial symposium is an endowment gift from the Retirement Research Foundation in the name of Duane W. Chapman, parent and grandparent of UD Alumni.

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